Since 2014, Nederweert has participated in the national activity Lights on War Graves. Since 2021, this has been organized by the Adoption Graves Nederweert War Cemetary Foundation, in collaboration with the municipality of Nederweert.

Lights on War Graves takes place every year on December 24 on Christmas Eve. The adopters are welcome from 5 p.m. to light a candle at his or her adoption grave.

The candles are placed in advance by volunteers of the foundation.


The other candles (if still necessary) will be lit at 19:00 at the latest and will continue to burn during Christmas Eve. The goal is and remains that we light a candle together at every grave on Christmas Eve.

Participants are requested to leave the cemetery at the rear. Please bring your own lighter and follow the instructions of the organization on site and keep a sufficient distance.


Happy holidays.


Adoption Graves Foundation Nederweert War Cemetery

Other information:

  • If you are not an adopter and you still want to light a candle, this is of course possible. You will be requested to come towards the end of the activity.
  • Avoid mistakes and check beforehand whether you have the right grave.
  • You must bring your own lighter.
  • If there is a designated route, you are requested to follow it, on the instructions of the members of the foundation.
  • Do not step between the graves.

If you want to support our foundation, all donations are welcome
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