The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) is responsible for the designation and maintenance of the graves and military cemeteries of the Commonwealth Armed Forces who fell in the First and Second World Wars. The War Graves  Foundation Nederweert War Cemetery (SANWC) was able to start this project with the permission of the GWGC. As a foundation, we are guests at the cemetery, so we ask everyone to behave as a guest and to respect the rules.

The primary role and task of the War Graves Foundation Nederweert War Cemetery:

Investigating the fallen and bundling the various information sources in a database.
Organizing the annual November commemoration in collaboration with the Legion of Vetrans Ospel department and the municipality of Nederweert. (annually on the nearest Saturday from November 11)
Organizing the activity Lights on War Graves on Christmas Eve. (December 24)
Wreath laying on ANZAC Day. (April 25)

Additional information:

  • SANWC tries to focus as much as possible on the relevant traditions and protocols of the British Commonwealth.
  • SANWC is not responsible for organizing the May 4 commemoration. The 4 May commemoration takes place annually on the Raadhuisplein in Nederweert under the leadership of the municipality of Nederweert. SANWC calls on the adopters to also be present at the Raadhuisplein.

Cemetery rules:

  • Flowers may not be placed against the white tombstones. (the stones can discolour due to the flowers)
  • No changes may be made on or to the graves. (e.g. placing or removing plants)
  • In connection with mowing work on the turf, any decoration other than cut flowers is undesirable.
  • The cemetery staff clean up the flowers when they have wilted.
  • The use of stab vases or glass jars is not recommended by the CWGC.
  • Watch the grass and keep it tidy.